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1st Alonissos Traditional Dance Festival 19th - 20th July 2015

The 1st Alonissos Dance Festival was due to take place across the first weekend of July but due to the referendum vote and the banking restrictions in Greece the event was cancelled as the groups couldn't travel to Alonissos.

However, things changed and the festival took place on Sunday 19th and Monday 20th July on the harbour front in Patitiri.  The Alonissos dance group were joined by groups from Skopelos and 4 mainland groups from Livanaton in Thessaly, Thraki and 2 groups from Krokos and Kozani Pontos from Northern Greece.  The central area of the harbour was completely blocked to traffic so the area around the stage could be filled with chairs and also so the tavernas could fill the bottom of the road with tables and chairs for the large crowd.

On Sunday evening the groups assembled at 7.45pm towards the end of the port where the Ioanna Chrissoula freighter normally berths.  The groups were then taken by boat across the harbour, then processed one at a time to live music along the road.  After an introduction the groups formed into circles and performed traditional Syrtos dances.  In turn the groups went on to the stage and performed their set of traditional Greek dances.

The Alonissos dance group performed 6 dances in traditional costume:

Τα Ξυλα, Λέσβου
Παπαδοπαναγιώταινα, Κύθηρα
Μεσσαρίτικο, Κύθηρα
Νενητούσικος, Xίου
Καριώτικα, Λέροu
Κοτσάκια, Νάξου

The evening was very hot and sultry and the sweat was pouring off everyone that came off the dance stage.  After the performance we sat in the Alonissos Cafe for a drink and then as the band starting playing Syrtos dances, Dave and a few of the Alonissos group went back on the stage and danced again.

The organisation by the Dimos was brilliant and everything went seamlessly throughout the evening. We had a fantastic evening but unfortunateley couldn't get to the Monday event, where we heard that the group from Kozani Pontos danced amazingly.  We look forward to next year and the 2nd Alonissos Dance Festival.

Below are the festival invitation and poster along with some still shots taken before the event started.


1st Alonissos Dance Festival Invitation

1st Alonissos Dance Festival Poster

Dave In Traditional Alonissos Dance Dress
Photo Courtesy Of Jemma And Dave Arrowsmith

Scene At The Harbour Area As We Arrived

Motor Yacht 'Drad' Moored In The Harbour of Patitiri

Live Musicians Warming Up Before The Big Event

Ladies In Their Beautiful Traditional Alonissos Dresses
Photo Courtesy Of Vassilis Drosakis

Alonissos Dance Group Arriving On The Boat
Photo Courtesy Of Jemma and Dave Arrowsmith

Dave With The Alonissos Dance Group
Photo Courtesy Of Netty Haddleton

Dance Groups Assembled On The Harbour Front
Photo Courtesy Of Vassilis Drosakis

All The Groups Syrtos Dancing On The Harbour Front
Photo Courtesy Of Vassilis Drosakis
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