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My friend, my lover, my soul mate, my wife,
For 38 years we shared the same life,
Past 36 years we became man and wife,
But you were never, ever, any trouble or strife.

I promised to take you in sickness and health,
But the vicar didn't mention money or wealth,
She wasn't rich; she wasn't poor, but on opening a door,
Her presence just exuded life and so much more.

From the University of Stirling to Alonissos here,
Nothing in my life was ever so clear,
I wanted to have you and our bodies entwine,
I knew when I first saw you that you would be mine.

You desperately wanted children but it wasn't to be,
You always claimed it was you, but I think it was me,
We had interesting evenings and played lots of pranks,
But for all your hard work I probably fired blanks.

Things that were colourful have now turned to grey,
I sat perched on a chair beside your bed every day,
All though the night time beside your bed I would lay,
Watching and hearing your life ebb away.

You were and will always be the jewel in my crown,
You always had a smiley face and never a frown,
You were always there to comfort me, if I was down,
When times were bad, with ouzo, our sorrows we'd drown.

For 9 long years you battled this disease,
We grabbed every moment we could possibly seize,
I know that cancer has brought you to your knees,
But you fought it with dignity, grace and with ease.

During our life together we had lots of fun,
We laughed and we danced in moonlight and sun,
For all eternity we will always be as one,
A battle has been lost but a war has been won,

So, my darling girl has now passed away,
To a celestial place where she can stay,
With our departed family, animals and friends,
Until the day that my life also ends.

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