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ASAP stands for the Alonissos Society for Animal Protection which is a registered charity on the Island of Alonissos and in the Prefecture of Magnesia.  The society's aim is to promote respect for pets, wild nature and the natural environment and increase the awareness of people by the encouragment of positive and responsible behaviour towards animals and their care.  ASAP is assisted by a Greek charity Friends of the Cat which feeds and cares for the cat colony in the National Gardens in Athens.  A vet from Volos George Michael visits the island and provides vetinary services to animal owners on Alonissos.
While ASAP deals with dogs and other animals, in practice the largest group of animals helped by ASAP is the owned and feral cat population on the island.  Cat owners can avail themselves of help and advice from ASAP should their animals have problems or when they are away from the island and need their cats fed.  Feral cats on the island find plenty of food to eat when the tourists are around and all the tavernas are open but have difficulty finding adequate food during the winter months and as any cat will tell you a diet of lizards becomes boring in the end.  ASAP has a wide spread feeding programme that provides cat shelters and feeding stations where known populations of cats gather.

One of the major successes of ASAP is in the recognition by visitors to the island that almost all the cats they see are fit and healthy looking and are well fed in comparison to some other Greek islands where the opposite applies.  ASAP funds itself entirely by donations and fund raising events, so if you would like membership or to donate then log on to their web site at www.asap-animalz.org or view up to date information on their Facebook page.

A huge number of people have asked how they can support ASAP from the UK, so they have a wish list on Amazon.co.uk.  It contains essential things that are just not available in Greece and would be very useful helping with animal care on Alonissos.  To access it simply go to the wish list section on Amazon and enter ASAP.

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