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Greek Dance Group at the Agios Georgios 2015 Celebrations 23rd April 2015

Due to unfortunate circumstances this year, we were not able to dance together with the Greek dance group at Agios Georgios.  Dave practised with the group and was very proud to be invited to dance with them.  You can spot Dave in the middle of the line-up for the introductory Syrtos dance and then leading the dance Lerikos.  Sadly this is the only footage we have of the dancing, due to technical problems with using our digital camera!!  All the dances went really well and the audience were very appreciative of the effort put in by all the members of the dance group.

youtube video
A Snippet from the Introductory Syrtos Dance

youtube video
The End of the Introductory Syrtos Dance

youtube video
A Part of the Dance Lerikos With Dave Leading the Dance

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