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Public Transport on Alonissos

The bus service starts on 1st June with a restricted service from Patitiri to the Old Village and Steni Vala in the morning and then in the evening after siesta.  The timetable changes again in July, August and September.  A restricted service comes back into operation again in September and around the end of September the bus service stops.  Bus tickets cannot be purchased on the bus, but there are outlets in Patitiri, Steni Vala and the Old Village advertising bus tickets for purchase.  The bus stops opposite the Alkyon Hotel and the taxi rank on the front of the harbour.
Below you can see the old Alonissos bus ticket above with the new Alonissos bus tickets below.  The blue ticket on the left is for the Patitiri to Old Town journey and the green ticket on the right is for the journey between Patitiri and Steni Vala  The bus has also been fitted with an orange machine for ticket validation but most often the ticket will be partly torn instead of validated.
Old Alonissos Bus Ticket
New Alonissos Bus Tickets
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