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Alonissos Multi-Terrain Challenge 2012

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The Alonissos Challenge replaced the Alonissos Marathon of recent years and was organised by the Organization of Culture, Sports and Social Activities of Alonissos, which is a group within the Dimos (Council) of the island.  The event took place of September 9th and signs went up around the island well in advance of the event.  We decided to take part in the 10km walk to support the efforts of the Dimos.  We registered online via the Alonissos Challenge website and as you can see from the picture Gerry was allocated number 156 and Dave was allocated number 184.  It was a very warm day and below is a photo of the sunrise at 7.25am on the morning of the event.

We arrived for an 8am start and this was the scene as we arrived but the start was somewhat delayed.  The Alonissos Challenge 2012 eventually started at 8.30am with the runners leading off and a large group of walkers at the back.  The walk was led by Chris Browne and the route to the churches of Agioi Anargyroi was taken from his book "Alonnisos Through the Souls of your Feet".  Although there was also a 21km walk, the 2 people registered for that walk came back with the 10km walkers.  Here you can see a map of the route of the 10km walk which is shown in green.

The walk started from the port and went up the main street, which is quite steep and then went up the steep road towards the Old Village passed the petrol station.  In front of the Atrium Hotel the walk went up the path towards the area of Mega Nero and over the fields and down the path to the well at Mega Nero.  From the well the walk followed the tarmac road towards the beach of Tsoukalia and part way along there is a dirt path to the right which heads up throught the pine forests to the churches of Agioi Anargyroi.  Due to the lack of rain the path was very dusty and along the way there were various signposts so you always knew you were on the right road.  All through the pine forests you could see evidence of the pine resin collection that occurs across the island.

We stopped just short of the churches and retraced our steps back to the main road of Tsoukalia as the path the other side of the churches down the the beach of Tourkonero can be a little slippery and as Gerry has little or no feeling in her feet due to the chemotherapy, she decided to keep to firmer terrain.  We met the walkers around the back of the Homeopathy Centre and walked back down to the finishing line in just under 3 hours.  We have our certificates and "gold" medals to show for our efforts and we look forward to the Alonissos Challenge 2013 where we will walk the 10km running course for a bit of variety, rather than the 10km walk route.


Alonissos Challenge Poster

Sunrise on the Morning of the Event

Scene As We Arrived

Us With Our Numbers

Us Before the Start of the Challenge

Start of the Alonissos Challenge 2012

Path in Front of the Hotel Atrium

Over the Fields Towards Mega Nero

Well at Mega Nero

First Signpost Along the Route

Second Signpost Along the Route

Pine Resin Collection

Our Certificates

Our "Gold" Medals
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