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Alonissos Multi-Terrain Challenge 2013

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The Alonissos Challenge was organised by the Organization of Culture, Sports and Social Activities of Alonissos, which is a group within the Dimos (Council) of the island.  The event took place on June 9th and signs went up around the island in shop windows well before the event.  We did a 10km walk again this year to support the efforts of the Dimos.  We couldn't easily register online via the Alonissos Challenge website as a 5 euro entrance fee had to be paid by bank transfer, so eventually Panayioti at the Alonissos Cafe in Patitiri kindly did all the registrations for the non-Greek entrants.  This year Gerry was allocated number 1111 and Dave was allocated number 1110.

We decided this year not to follow the traditional 10km walk to Agii Anargryii and Tourkoneri beach but to simply walk up the island along the main road towards Chryssi Milia beach and back.  We arrived in the harbour around 8.15am and the 10km walkers and runners started at just after 8.30am with the runners leading off and a large group of walkers at the back.  Our walk was led by Dave and 7 of us left the start line and headed up the main street, which is quite steep to the main road.  We then walked along the main road through Votsi and off up the island.  On the main road we could see evidence of the pine resin collection that occurs across the island but in this case they were using plastic bags instead of the usual metal containers.

Our 3 front walkers headed off down to Milia Bay to walk the 10km run and the rest of us went along the main road to the Chryssi Milia turn.  We walked down the Chryssi Milia beach road to the point where the 10km and 30km runners came up the forest track and onto the tarmac road.  In the process we met our other walkers heading home in the opposite direction.  We turned round at the road markings and headed back to Patitiri passing a 5km distance marker and back onto the main road.  To add some interest to the walk we turned off onto the back road, passed the entrance to the Homeopathic Centre and down to the main road at Votsi passed the road to Tsoukalia Beach and Mega Nero.  On the main road we walked into Patitiri and along to the church of Agia Paraskevi, then down the road to the side of the Community Centre and onto the harbour area.

The 5 of us linked arms and walked through the finishing line together in 2 hours to much shouting and applause.  We were presented with our certificates and had our "gold" medals put over our heads to show for our efforts and we look forward to the Alonissos Challenge 2014 where we absolutely no idea what course we will do but we have a year to think about it.


Alonissos Challenge Poster

Us With Our Numbers Before The Start Of The Walk

Scene As We Arrived

The Renegade Walkers Heading Up The Main Road

View Across The Water To The Two Brothers

Pine Resin Collection

Turn Off The Main Road Towards Chryssi Milia Beach

Our Turning Point Where The Runners Came Onto The Tarmac Road

The Distance Marker Telling Us Only 5km Left To Walk

View From The Main Road Down To Milia Bay

The 5 Renegade Walkers With Medals After The Finish Of The Challenge

The Mayor Of Alonissos Speaking At The Presentation Ceremony

Our Certificates

Our "Gold" Medals
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