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Alonissos Multi-Terrain Challenge 2014

The Alonissos Challenge was organised again this year by the Organization of Culture, Sports and Social Activities of Alonissos, which is a group within the Dimos (Council) of the island.  The event took place on Sunday June 8th advertised by a large banner in the harbour area of Patitiri and posters around the island in shop windows prior to the event.  We did a 10km walk again this year to support the efforts of the Dimos and all the 10km participants followed the same route via Milia Bay and back along the Kokkino Kastro road to Patitiri.  This year Gerry was allocated number 315 and Dave was allocated number 307.

About 25 runners and 60 walkers started off from Patitiri with it spitting with rain and by the time we got to the Venus Car Rental premises at the top of the road we had to shelter in their porch area as the heavens opened.  We were soaking wet and waited about 10 - 15 minutes for the torrential rain to finish before we headed off again.  We set off along the main road through the top of Votsi and off up the island to the Milia Bay beach turn.  We had a water stop at the top of road and then went down to the beach.  At the beach was a young lad and we let him know we were the stragglers and no one else was following behind us.

We took the steep rough concrete path upwards and into the pine forest and everyone was struggling with the heat and the humidity as the temperature was going up and there was little or no breeze in the forest.  We eventually reached the Chryssi Milia beach road and we had our final water stop there before heading off towards the main road.  When we got back to the top of Votsi we were supposed to turn down the road to Votsi harbour and then up to Patitiri via Roussoum Yialos.  However, after being out for just over 2 hours walking we lost the plot and headed straight back along the main road and down the main street to the harbour front in Patitiri.

As we came to the finish line everyone clapped and applauded us and we held hands and walked through the finishing line together in about 2 hours, which was about the same as last year.  We were presented with our certificates and had our "gold" medals put over our heads and then we headed to the Cave Bar for a well earned drink.


Alonissos Challenge Poster

Start/Finish Area As We Arrived

Us With Our Numbers Before The Start Of The Walk

The Assembled Crowd of 10km Walkers And Runners

The 10km Runners Starting Off Followed By The 10km Walkers

The 10km Walkers Heading Up The Main Road

The Start Of The Children's 2km Run

This Year's Medal And Certificate
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