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The Alonissos Cushion

We were at Taverna Megalos Mourtias having a drink with Netty mid-afternoon in early September 2015, about a week before we were due to leave for our annual trip back to England.  Netty's mobile phone rang and the person on the other end of the phone was clearly looking for us as Netty told them that we were at Megalos Mourtias beach having a drink together.  About 15 minutes later Mark and Lizzie arrived with a large bag which they gave to Gerry and said "this is for your drive back to England".  When Gerry opened the bag she discovered a large, approximately 55cm square, handmade cushion that they had made and hand embroidered to customize the cushion.  The front of the cushion was made from pieces of an Alonissos challenge T shirt sewn together and therein lies a story...

Every year we both registered for the Alonissos Challenge and 2015 was no exception, even though Gerry was unable to walk 10km any more due to health problems.  Panayiotis was aware of this but happy that Gerry paid her 5 euro, got her T shirt, and was comfortable sat in the Alonissos Cafe rolling and smoking cigarettes while drinking ouzo until everyone returned from the walk.  Mark and Lizzie arrived on Alonissos just before the challenge but unfortunately, due to their late registration, there were no more T shirts of their size available.  Mark wasn't overly bothered but Lizzie was a bit upset that she did the 10km walk but didn't have a T shirt, so Gerry being Gerry gave Lizzie her T shirt on the basis that Gerry had been smoking and drinking while Lizzie had been walking.  Lizzie accepted gracefully and we heard no more about it.

The next time we saw the T shirt was as the front of a beautifully crafted handmade cushion.  Very thoughtfully they had put countless hours of work into making the cushion so that Gerry would be comfortable on her journey over to England and back again.  As a thank you we promised to photograph Gerry with the Alonissos cushion outside every hotel we stayed during our travels.  The only time we couldn't take a good photograph was in front of the 200 metre long Adriatic ferries, between Patras in Greece and Ancona in Italy, because Gerry looked like an ant!!  The cushion turned out to be a godsend to Gerry and has always been, and will always be, a prized and treasured possession.

Below are photographs of the Alonissos cushion itself and Gerry with the cushion outside all the different hotels we stayed at in 2015.


Alonissos Cushion

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