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Alonissos Multi-Terrain Marathon 2010

Click on the links in the text to visit the website and view pictures of the 2010 "Sixth Alonissos Multi Terrain Marathon".

The Sixth Alonissos Multi-Terrain Marathon was held on Saturday 4th September and consisted of the same running and walking events as in the previous five marathon events.  There was a website but sadly the information is a little scarce.  However the Dimos who were organising the event were very quick in putting up a banner on the school railings about 4 weeks before the day of the marathon.  As this is Greece the two banners on the port on marathon day were proclaiming the second and fourth marathons.

The weather on the morning was cool and slightly overcast which made it a perfect day for running and walking.  We arrived down in the harbour around 8.30am to find that the start/finish line had already been erected.  We sat in the Cave Bar with a coffee when we noticed that there seemed to be pictures on the pergola supports in the playground next to the Cave Bar and when Dave went to investigate there were wonderful old framed pictures of previous marathon events and competitors going back more than 70 years.

The marathon must have been well marketed because there was a considerable number of entrants including at least one athletics club taking part.  At 9.15am the competitors lined up for the off and the marathon started with the runners followed by those doing the walking marathon course.  On a table outside the Port Police office they had table coverings that showed the route of the marathon courses.

We sat in the Cave Bar and had another drink and after 45 minutes the first male runner in the 10.9km event finished, followed within five minutes by the second and third runners.  We sat for another hour or so and applauded the runners in before we headed up the main street and saw probably the most welcome sign that any marathon runner would want to see.

We assume there was some prize giving event in the evening but as this was not advertised we didn't bother to go.


Signs Advertising the Marathon

Plastic Inflatable Start/Finish Line

Members of an Athletic Club

Preparing for the Off

Runners Starting Off

Walkers Starting Off

Route Maps

First male Runner Back

Most Welcome Sign that any Marathon Runner Would Want to See.
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