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Alonissos On Wheels

If you choose to spend time during the winter months on Alonissos you can rent a hire car from one of the 3 travel agents on the harbour area of Patitiri, Albedo Travel, Alkyon Travel or Alonissos Travel, who are open to sell tickets for the sea departures to and from the island.  Winter daily rental rates are cheap and, being a small island, you can see a lot in a very small space of time with little other traffic on the roads.  Even though the winter weather may not be terribly clement if you are inside a car that doesn't matter that much.

During the summer months the travel agents on the harbour area of Patitiri, as well summer opening rental offices in and around Patitiri, specialise in the rental of cars, quad bikes and scooters.  Prices start higher than in the winter and tend to be at their peak in July and August.  Pedal bikes can also be found for rental and the best person to ask is Voula who sits at the window desk in Albedo Travel at the end of the harbour front.  If she doesn't know then nobody will know.  Just say Dave sent you!!

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