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Carnival on Alonissos - 9th March 2008

Even up until Sunday morning of the Carnival no-one had a clue what time it would be starting or where.  Numerous phone calls were made and eventually word had it that it would start at 2pm from the Dimos Offices.  Although this turned out to be the case it didn't agree with the poster we saw when the carnival procession had started and we were walking down the road to the harbour!!

Anni Bason called a meeting prior to discuss what the theme should be this year and the decision was a Wild West theme of Cowboys and Showgirls.  We all prepared our outfits and Guy donated a trailer to be pulled behind a car with a bale of hay, pitch fork and loads of booze plus the buzzard of which we have yet to get the story.  We all met in the car park at the top of the main street in Patitiri.

We moved up to the Dimos Offices where all the floats assembled along with many other islanders who were not associated with a float but had dressed up for the occasion.  We have assembled a collage of the other floats and people ready for the off.  Easter this year was very late and the afternoon was really hot, so much so that Dick's red indian war paint was starting to run.  After all the participants were presented to the assembled crowd, the floats started down the main street to the harbour around 2pm.  At the harbour there was a stop for food, drink and some traditional dancing.

On moved the carnival procession up Pelasgon at a slow rate until we reached the petrol station where food had been put out on a table, so the whole procession stopped for some refreshment.  After a short while the procession started off again and moved slowly around the top of Patitiri passed the Church of Agia Paraskevi and stopped just before the road junction back to the harbour.  Smoking, drinking and checking of mobiles phones ensued and then it was off down the main road towards Votsi where the journey ended at the play ground off the road to the harbour.

The stop at Votsi involved much dancing and merriment and we were envigled by Katerina into taking part in the first dance.  This involved an innocuous and apparently easy dance step with Panioti singing into the microphone and the dance circle responding.  Seemed simple enough until half the dancers started to fall over with laughter and the person leading the dance put their hand back between their legs to be held by the person behind.  Having grabbed the hand between the first dancers legs the second dancer then put their spare hand back between their legs to be held by the third dancer and this continued until eventually everyone had linked hands between their legs.

As the afternoon was moving by the carnival procession headed back to the Dimos Offices at a slow pace and after parking up the floats people dispersed home while others waited for spit roast food outside or moved into the Koutouki Taverna to eat indoors.  A brilliant time was had by all and we are starting to think about next years carnival when it will be the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock festival.


Carnival Poster

Trailer for the Float

Cowboys and Showgirls

Votsi Play Ground

Innocuous Start of the Carnival Dance

The Other Part of the Carnival Dance
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