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Carnival on Alonissos - 1st March 2009

This is the first time a party has been organised in the Old Village prior to the Carnival.  The party poster can be seen to the right and these were taped to various shop windows around Patitiri.  The party was held on Saturday night at 9pm at the Arhondostasi (a.k.a Mary's Bar) and organised by Dora who is running the bar.  We weren't sure if it was fancy dress or not, so we decided to turn up in "civvies".

We arrived around 9.30pm to find Dora sporting a cowgirl hat and berating us for not wearing a hat or a mask!  There was a lovely party atmosphere created by Dora and her husband "DJ" Vangelis.  The first half of the evening was English music, followed by Greek dance music.  We drank and danced then left around 11.30pm with the locals coming in by the car load, many of them sporting fancy dress.  We don't know how long the party lasted, but as Dora wasn't going to the Carnival next day, you can bet it was LATE.

Carnival Party Poster

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This year we didn't see any Carnival posters put up around Patitiri but experience has shown that nothing will happen before 2pm at the earliest from the Dimos Offices, irrespective of an official start time.  We decided months in advance that we would celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival as our theme and that the Aloni Band members would bring acoustic instruments and play live along the Carnival route.  We had pre-Carnival meetings on the two Sundays prior to the event at Taverna Panselinos in the Old Village to plan out what we were going to do with the float.

Chester Smith persuaded his friend Panayioti to allow us to use his transit van as a "Love Bus" and he agreed to be the driver.  We all prepared our outfits and Guy again donated a trailer to be pulled behind the van with the instruments, chairs and just enough room for the two bottles of scotch and 30 litres of wine donated to us by the Dimos!!  This generosity was probably part due to us having a Greek driver for our float and partly because there were only six floats and most of them were children.  In total about two dozen hippies accompanied the float in the Carnival this year and we all met opposite the Dimos offices.  Gerry wore her original 60's kaftan and five quid wig from e-bay.

As usual all the floats assembled outside the Dimos office along with many other islanders who were not associated with a float but had dressed up for the occasion.  We have assembled a collage of the other floats.  Greek Easter was a week earlier than last year but the bad weather of the previous week disappeared and the afternoon was warm and sunny but not as hot as last year.  After all the themes for the floats were announced to the assembled crowd the procession started down the main street to the harbour around 2.30pm.  At the harbour there was a stop for food, drink and dancing.  Our band of travelling musicians played on the harbour.

After a break of about half an hour the Carnival procession moved slowly up Pelasgon and around the corner, passed the church of Agia Paraskevi.  Along the road there was another break for dancing or having a drink and a fag as Gerry's brother Nik and wife Lyn decided to do.  Then off the procession headed along the main road towards Votsi for dancing and celebrating.  We decided that with Gerry's chemotherapy affecting her feet quite badly at the moment that we wouldn't walk to Votsi but head back to the harbour for a drink.  We sat outside the Cave bar and had drinks with friends before heading back home.  We had a great day and are now thinking about next year's theme.


"Love Bus"

Hippies Prior to Departure

Gerry In Her Original 60's Kaftan and Five Quid Wig from E-bay

Procession Arriving at the harbour

Travelling Musicians Playing on the Harbour

Another Break for Dancing

Nik and wife Lyn Having a Fag Break
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