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Carnival on Alonissos - 14th February 2010

The Carnival this year was subject to the weather and the news from the Dimos (council) that there was no money for drinks for the floats.  As it happened the rain stayed away until early evening and the Dimos relented and provided wine and whisky for the floats as usual.  The idea that was conceived of "Harry Potter and the Vanishing Ouzo" was carried through to Carnival day with various meetings to decide which characters people would become and how their costumes would be organised.

There was a brilliant response to the call to Carnival from all the available non-Greeks on the island and we all started to arrive at 1pm at the Dimos offices to find not a soul there other than a few kids dressed in Carnival costume letting off fire crackers.  At this point we started to wonder whether Carnival was going to happen at all or if if was starting off from another location!!  Slowly people started to appear and the Hogwarts Express was the first float to arrive.

Mike and Carol Holmes volunteered their jeep as the float to pull two trailers.  Between them Mike and Chester Smith made a fantastic job of turning these into the Hogwarts Express.  By about 2pm the rain had still held off and a large number of islanders had arrived in costumes but only another 2 floats appeared.  One float was made to look like the island bus and the other was a large contingent of school girls who used one of the Dimos trucks to become the "Sweet Valentines".  The Carnival was held up outside the Dimos offices in case of bad weather and with Greek music blasting over the speakers the Sweet Valentines started off the Greek dancing in the road.

Around 2.40pm the call to move came and the floats and myriad people headed down the main street towards the port with our float bringing up the rear.  We arrived at the port around 3pm and as the revellers gathered on the harbour front we parked up and headed for an ouzo in the Cave Bar.  The Dimos started up the Greek music and a circle of dancers appeared.  We eventually got news that the Carnival would not head off for Votsi but would stay in at the port.  This turned out to be a sensible decision as about 20 minutes later the heavens opened and everyone outside ran for cover.  We had another drink in the Cave bar then headed off to Mamma Mia's where Stephanos and Ivan conjured up some pizzas and wine.

As usual we had a great time but it was slightly disappointing that not more floats were entered by the Greek community on the island and we can only hope that next year sees more floats.  Carnival will be at the end of the first week of March and so the weather should be much better.


Professor Dumbledore and Professor Trelawney

Group Photo of the Hogwarts Gang

Island Bus

"Sweet Valentines"

Sweet Valentines Greek Dancing

Revellers Gathering on the Harbour Front

Dimos Started up the Greek Music and a Circle of Dancers Appeared
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