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Carnival on Alonissos - 6th March 2011

Posters went up on shop windows around Patitiri a few days before Carnival advertising both traditional dancing at 2.30pm on Saturday 5th and Carnival from 1.30pm on Sunday 6th.  The poster can be seen to the right.  Unfortunately the weather forecast was not too promising but what can you expect of the 1st week of March?  The theme this year was to be Circus but in the back of everyone's mind was to ensure that they were dressed warmly as it was projected to be quite cold with the possibility of rain later in the day.

We arrived around 1.30pm at the Dimos offices as that was the start time on the poster.  The main float that Mike Holmes and Chester Smith had created was parked outside the school and behind it was parked a second float created by Dinah and Craig Sinclair.  There were hardly any other people around and it appears that we are always destined to be the first people outside the Dimos offices for Carnival, however late we get there.  However it wasn't long before people started to arrive.

Carnival Poster

We made both our costumes for Carnival and Gerry went as a clown and Dave was dressed as a strongman.  Here you can see both of us in our costumes standing in front of the Billy Fart's Circus float.  While we were standing and waiting for the last of the floats to arrive our friend and Mayor Petros Vafinis came over to us and made a point of going around to every person associated with our float and shaking their hand and thanking them in English for coming along and supporting Carnival and wishing them Xronia Polla.  By around 2.30pm four other floats had arrived to join our two floats and this is a collage of the other floats.  This is a picture of all of the Circus performers in front of the float before the Carnival left.

About 2.30pm the music on the Dimos PA lorry stopped and Petros the Mayor took the microphone and thanked everyone for joining in with Carnival.  The microphone was then handed to Panayioti who is traditionally the Carnival Master of Ceremonies.  He introduced the Carnival and after providing information about what would happen he got the Dimos lorry to start off towards the port and all the floats followed on, with our two floats bringing up the rear.  Here you can see some photos of the Carnival moving down Ikion Dolopon street towards the harbour.  Many people were out on their balconies cheering the Carnival down the street.

After reaching the bottom of the road the Carnival procession assembled on the port area where the Dimos lorry started to blast out Greek dance music.  We went into the Cave Bar to warm up a bit and have an ouzo.  We went out to see the traditional dancing and then went back into the Cave Bar for a drink and a chat.  Without us realising the Carnival started to move off and it was only when Chester and Sarah accused us of being a couple of light weights and went off after the procession that we decided that it was cold outside and enough was enough.

We had another drink at the Cave Bar and were still there chatting when Chester and Sarah arrived back.  The Carnival had gone around 400 metres when it stopped outside the garage passed Vassilis and Mackie's newsagents for food and drink and then moved on to the top of the town near Jimmy's Technokids for Greek dancing.  Chester and Sarah left the Carnival procession as it was heading for Votsi.  We left for a bite to eat at Peri Orexios in the Old Village with Nik and Lyn after 5pm when it started raining heavily and we saw people running down the main road back from Votsi towards Patitiri.  All in all we thought that Carnival went very well and we were pleased there were more floats than last year.  We look forward now to Carnival 2012.


Main Float

Petros the Mayor Sharing a Joke

People on their Balconies Watching the Carnival Procession

Carnival Assembling at the Port
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