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Carnival on Alonissos - 26th February 2012

Posters went up around Patitiri advertising Carnival about a week before the event.  Carnival is either written as Karnivali which is a sort of English or the Greek Apokries which literally means "away from meat" as the following day starts the fasting of lent and the time of abstinence from meat until Easter Sunday.  As the posters suggested a time of 1.30pm we went down to the Dimos offices around this time, only to find that as usual there were few people around and no floats.  The weather was overcast but not too cold and the rain forecast for the evening thankfully didn't arrive early for a change.

Over the next hour or so a large crowd started to gather and although we didn't have a float this year we were still given a wine box and a bottle of scotch as a Carnival present.  However, there were six floats in the Carnival parade as you can see.  A dozen non-Greek people turned up in costume to take part in the celebrations.  We took the Shrek theme with Gerry dressed up as Doris the Ugly Stepsister from Shrek 2 and Dave as Merlin from Shrek 3.  However, the stars of the group were Tony and Jan who came as Shrek and Fiona.

As usual Panayioti (in his disco outfit) was the voice of Carnival, aided and abetted by Kostas (in a very fetching white wig) who made sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time.  The procession eventually headed off from the Dimos offices down Ikion Dolopon street to the port area where we all mingled together and Dave joined in the Greek dancing on the harbour front.

We then went to the Cave Bar for a drink and before we knew what was happening the floats headed off up Pelasgon towards the church.  It was then a choice of following the Carnival or going to Ouzeri Kamaki for some drinks and a bite to eat.  Amazingly Spiros's Ouzeri won out so we went off for some food and drink and then a few of us headed up to Taverna Panselinos in the Old Village to have "one for the road".  Chester got his spooky mask from our Circus Carnival theme from last year and this is Dave with the mask trying to magic away a large shot of Ouzo.

As always Carnival was a wonderful experience with the coming together of so many people on the island to have fun and throw caution to the wind.  Given the economic climate in Greek it was true what Panayiotos said that the island should forget its problems and enjoy Carnival time.  Next year Carnival will be on March 17th, as Easter Sunday is May 5th, which is about as late as it can ever be and 5 weeks later that Easter Sunday in the UK.


Carnival Poster

Shrek Theme with Gerry as Doris the Ugly Stepsister and Dave as Merlin

Tony and Jan as Shrek and Fiona

Carnival Group Photo

Panayioti Comparing the Carnival

Procession Heading off from the Dimos Offices

Crowd Assembling on the Harbour Front

Post Carnival Drink with Dave Sporting Chester's Spooky Circus Carnival Mask
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