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Carnival on Alonissos - 2nd March 2014

As usual posters went up around Patitiri advertising Carnival about a week before the event with a meeting time of 1.30pm outside the Dimos offices in Patitri.  The weather on the Saturday before Carnival and on the Monday after were dreadful but the weather on Carnival Sunday was glorious, so we were very lucky.  We left home around 1pm to follow our 'Viking ship' float down the road from the Old Village to Patitiri so we arrived about on time.

The crowds started to build and more floats arrived and by the time the Carnival procession left from the Dimos offices down Ikion Dolopon street to the port area there were seven floats, including ours, with one float where they were cooking souvlakis continuously on a BBQ and selling them with bread for 1 euro each.  For our theme this year we all decided to become Vikings and you can see us dressed in our Viking outfits and all the Vikings posing in front of the float.  As usual Panayioti was the voice of Carnival and when the introductions were made for each of the groups Dave was pushed forward and had to do the introduction to our theme in Greek!

The procession eventually headed off and the crowds assembed on the harbour front and the Greek dance music started and we both joined in with the dancing.  Eventually the Carnival procession left the harbour front when everyone was ready and headed up Pelasgon towards the church of Agia Paraskevi and then onwards to Votsi.  As with most Carnivals we chose not to go to Votsi but to head back down to the harbour front and most of us ended up in Taverna Flisvos for a blow-out before we wended our ways home.

Many of the Greek people said to us that they thought we had created the best float in the Carnival and we really enjoyed a wonderful coming together of the community on Alonissos.  Next year Easter Sunday is April 12th and so Carnival will be on the 22nd of February.


Carnival Poster

Viking Theme With Us In Our Viking Outfits

Group Photo
Photo Courtesy Of Annie Green

Panayioti Introducing The Groups Of People Associated With The Floats

Procession Heading Off From The Dimos Offices

Our Float Arriving At The Harbour Front

Greek Dancing On The Harbour Front

Carnival Procession Heading Up Pelasgon Towards Votsi

Souvlaki Stop Before Heading To Votsi
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