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Carnival on Alonissos - 26th February 2017

Posters advertising Carnival went up around Patitiri prior to the event with a meeting time of 1pm outside the Dimos offices in Patitri.  The weather forcast for Carnival day had been changing on an almost daily basis and no-one really knew if it would rain or not.  In the end the rain held off and the weather on Carnival Sunday was dry and pleasant for the time of year.  Gerry was suffering side effects from the chemotherapy tablets and couldn't do Carnival this year, so Dave left home around 12.30pm and we all met in Patitiri at Netty and Demi's house to finish the float and for some people to get costumed.

Our theme this year was the 25th anniversary of the Alonissos Marine Park, so as our float we had an aquarium made from plastic sheeting around Jan and Tony's jeep with coloured fish, dolphins, etc, that we had all made, hanging inside to recreate creatures in the water of the Marine Park.  Tony drove the jeep sat on a tool box so he could see out of the front of the float and a huge debt of thanks is due to Craig, Mike and Tony who put a huge amount of effort into creating a stunning looking float.

We arrived at the Dimos offices around 1.45pm to find little activity except a float where a group where cooking souvlaki on a bbq.  Two more floats arrived and by the time the Carnival procession left at 2.30pm and headed downwards towards the harbour, there were four floats including ours.  As usual Panayioti was the voice of Carnival and introductions were made for each of the floats and Dave was cajoaled into doing the introduction for us in Greek and English.  Dave went as a 'salty sea dog' offering expensive excursions into the Marine Park on a rusting hulk of a boat.

Heading down the main road to the harbour Vangelis had put a table outside the Ouzeri Kamaki and was offering free white wine and meatballs.  The floats assembed on the harbour front along with the Carnival throng and the Greek dance music started and Dave joined in with the dancing.  The lovely Marianthi at the Corali bar had put jugs of free wine and snacks on the counter at the rear of the bar for our group.  The Carnival procession left the harbour front and headed up Pelasgon towards the church of Agia Paraskevi and at the Elin Oil petrol station there were more snacks and wine.  Dave opted out at the junction with the main street to get some food at the Black Cat as the floats made their way off to Votsi.

So many of the Greek islanders said that our float was again the best in the Carnival and, although less well attended than in previous years, it was still a wonderful coming together of the community on the island of Alonissos.  Next year Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday is April 8th and so Carnival will be on the 18th of February.


Carnival Poster

Dave As Captain Calamity A 'Salty Old Sea Dog'

The Front Of Our Float

Our Carnival Group Together In Front Of The Float

The Mayor Of Alonissos Petros Welcoming Everyone To Carnival

The Dimos Music Truck Heading Off To Lead The Parade To The Harbour

The Carnival Procession Going Down Towards The Harbour

Passing The Office Of The Marine Park Organization

A Group Syrtos Dancing On The Harbour

Dave And Jan Syrtos Dancing Together
Photo Courtesy of Panos Taliadoros

On The Way From The Harbour And Heading Towards Votsi

Jan And Dinah Incognito

Vangelis And Friends Doing the Macarena In The Road Before Heading Towards Votsi
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