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Flying Catamarans

There were times in the past when a Flying Cat seen in the waters around Alonissos was as rare an occurrence as seeing a Mediterranean Monk Seal.  However times change and with the ever reducing numbers of hydrofoils we had Flying Cat 5 and Flying Cat 6 providing a service from Alonissos to Agios Konstantinos and Volos and some years to Thessaloniki.  The advent of these beautiful craft plying the waters of the Northern Sporades may encourage people to travel around the Sporades Islands more.

Flying Cat 6 was moved off the route from Volos to Alonissos and, as of 2013 we hadw only have Flying Cat 5 which can be seen below in its new green Cosmote livery.  As off 2016 Flying Cat 4 has come back into service between Alonissos, Agios Konstantinos and Thessaloniki.

From top to bottom the pictures of Flying Cat 4 in HFD blue and white livery were taken in 2001, the pictures of Flying Cat 3 in Vodaphone red and white livery were taken in 2004, the pictures of Flying Cat 5 in Hellenic Seaways red and white livery were taken in May 2005 and the pictures of Flying Cat 6 in Hellenic Seaways red and white livery were taken in August 2005 respectively.  The picture of Flying Cat 4 in Cosmote livery was taken in July 2016.

Tickets are sold by agents at the port areas or you can book online over the Internet and collect from the port agent.  Each ticket has a seat reservation and once all the seats have been sold the Catamaran is full.  Each seat has a letter and number and one will correspond to that on your ticket.  It's best to sit in your allocated seat because we've seen numerous problems where people have sat in the wrong seat.  Greek's are very pedantic about sitting in their seat even if you and they are the only passengers on board.

On certain days in the summer, with a full vessel and pressing time you may be told to sit anywhere by the crew, so they can keep as closely as possible to their departure times.  Boarding the catamaran is via a ramp at the side of the craft and there are storage racks and areas for luggage inside.  The staff will tell you where to stow your luggage, depending on your destination and the time of year and show you where your seat is located.

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