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Cemetary in the Old Village

Anyone who has spent any amount of time walking around the Old Village will have been drawn to the cemetary along the main road at the bottom end of the Village.  This is the last resting place for most of the residents on the island and the location has been perfectly chosen with beautiful panoramic views.  The church is the "Assumption of the Virgin Mary" and this is where services are conducted before interment in the cemetary.  All the graves are kept in immaculate condition by the families of the deceased and at night one can see the most beautiful sight when all the oil lamps on the graves are lit.

There is a certain wonderful serenity about the place and we often visit to commune with four of our friends Dick, Richard, John and Rosemary who are buried in the cemetary.  The photos posted below can never do justice to the place but we hope this gives you a flavour of the beauty of the cemetary.  If you are on Alonissos and in the Old Village please allocate a little time to visit and reflect.

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