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3rd Cheese Pie Festival 2014

For whatever reason we were completely oblivious to the fact that there have been a Cheese Pie festival on the island, each year, for the last 2 years!!  However, due to good advertising by the Dimos and the Nautical Society of Alonissos, we had a wonderful evening of entertainment down on the harbour front in Patitiri.

When we arrived at the far end of the harbour in Patitiri there were 3 tables set up with ladies making and frying the traditional Alonissos cheese pies.  We watched them roll out the dough so evenly and thinly and then add the cheese and roll the dough to make the traditional circular shape.  You just cannot believe how easy they made it look but that's what comes with many years of practice and expertise.  We have a collage of pictures to give you an idea of how the pies are made but nothing compares to actually watching the ladies make the pies in front of you.

After the pies had been cooked they were transferred to another table where they were cut and available to sample with a glass of very nice white wine for a donation of 1 euro to help cover the costs of the evening.  We had a couple of visits to the table when the fresh hot pies arrived and they were all really good.

After the pie making had finished a dance group from Glossa, Skopelos arrived in local costume to perform traditional Greek dances for the audience.  There was a large group of around 20 people and they danced exceptionally well and entertained the crowd with a range of dances from all across Greece.  After the formal dancing had finished they played some syrtos music and we all went out to dance with them.  A great and very well organized evening and we look forward to next year.


3rd Cheese Pie Festival Poster

Male Members Of The Glossa Dance Group

Half The Lady Members Of The Glossa Dance Group

The Other Half Of The Lady Members Of The Glossa Dance Group

Ladies Wearing The Six Different Traditional Skopelos Dresses
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