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Cheese Pies and Wedding Dresses

Both islands of Alonissos and Skopelos lay claim to the traditional wedding dresses that are worn when brides get married and also to the cheese pies that are a feature of the culinary art of the region.  This is a story that was related to us, to explain the origins of these items and how both islands lay claim to them.

Many moons ago there was a mayor of Skopelos who was a very wealthy man and had a fiancee that he was due to marry.  Unfortunately she became pregnant prior to the wedding and the mayor, being a very respected member of the community, needed to make sure that no-one at the wedding realised the situation.  He therefore had a beautiful wedding dress designed that had no waist and a very large and voluminous skirt to hide the bump.  According to the story the best seamstresses were on the island of Alonissos and so they were hired by the mayor of Skopelos to go to the island to make and hand embroider the dress.

The wedding dress took many weeks of work to finish and while the women from Alonissos were on the island of Skopelos working, they cooked for themselves and one of the dishes they made were the traditional cheese pies of Alonissos.  The women on Skopelos saw how the pies were being made and deciding that they were very tasty, they started to make the pies themselves.  When the work on the dress was completed the seamstresses went back to Alonissos taking the ideas for the wedding dress with them but leaving the ideas for the cheese pies with the women of Skopelos.

To this day the wedding dresses of both islands are identical and both produce the same pies made from filo pastry with a feta cheese filling and Alonissos claims to have originated the wedding dress and Skopelos lays claim to originating the cheese pies.  We won't show you a picture of an Alonissos cheese pie but better you go to one or all of the 3 tavernas where we have eaten what we consider to be the best cheese pies - Taverna Panselinos in the Old Village, Taverna Eleonas at Leftos Yialos beach and Taverna Fanari at Steni Vala.  There will be other tavernas who produce pies as good as these, its just that we haven't got around to eating them yet.

The traditional wedding dress is shown below from the 2012 Panagia festivities.

Traditional Wedding Dress
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