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Circus Surlulu - 18th and 19th June 2011

The poster for the performances can be seen here and these were put up in shop windows around Patitiri.  Earlier that evening we also went to the opening night of a photographic exhibition at 7pm held at the Alonissos Museum and this picture of the boat that the circus troupe use to travel around the islands was shot from the outside balcony of the museum.

The performances took place on the harbour front behind the Port Police offices on the evenings of Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th and commenced around 8.30pm.  We went to the Sunday show which had lots of children there but not a massive number of adults.  This was probably due to the large audience that turned out for the Saturday show.  The theme of the show was loosely based on a Pirates and the troupe played and sang to the audience before performing a number of juggling and balancing acts.  Due to choppy water in the port on Sunday they could not perform acrobatics in the rigging of the boat as on Saturday.

Circus Surlulu Poster

Circus Surlulu Boat on the Port

Circus Surlulu Boat

Children Watching the Performance

Pirates Singing and Playing
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