Dave and Gerry's Alonissos Island Information Site

Dave and Gerry's Contact Information

Address:  Villa Aliki, 283A Old Town, Alonissos, 370 05, Greece
Family e-mail:  DaveandGerry@Ivicourt.com
Personal e-mails:  Dave@Ivicourt.com  and  Gerry@Ivicourt.com
On Alonissos there are no postal deliveries to the house so all mail is put into pidgeon holes behind the counter in the post office (ELTA) in Patitiri in alphabetic name order.  It is therefore critically important that you address any mail to either Dave Court or Gerry Ivison if we are to stand any chance of receiving it.

As a matter of information there are two sets of lockers in the front of the ELTA office numbered from 1 to 100.  These we discovered were Post Office (PO) boxes and for 48 euro per year you can rent one and have the pleasure of having your address simply "PO Box Number .. ".  This is a tempting proposition to avoid queueing for your mail but that 48 euro also buys 7 x 5 litre wine boxes!!!  The choice is yours but we are still queueing.

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