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Cooking Competition June 2008

A couple of days before Saturday 28th June signs were posted up around the island advertising a cooking competition that would take place in the Old Village.  A picture of the sign can be seen on the right.  We had absolutely no idea what to expect or where it would be.  We checked with Maria in the supermarket by the bus stop and she said "pano".  From this we understood that it would be in the upper part of the village and probably in the plateia by the war memorial.

We made our way up to the plateia for about 8.30pm and went to the coffee bar for a drink as this is a good viewing area to see the proceedings.   The Dimos had set up trestle tables to the left of the viewing platform and a group of local musicians were entertaining the crowd with traditional Greek music while the competitors where arriving and setting their food out on the table.  As time went on, more and more food arrived until the table was groaning under the weight of the food.  After all the contestants had arrived there were 3 speeches given by the mayor, a man and a women before the hungry crowd were allowed to eat the grub.

When the crowd were eventually allowed to try the food it quickly became evident that there weren't many plastic plates, knives and forks available, so people scrounged what they could and even had to eat with their fingers from pieces or torn up aluminium foil.  Still, none of this detracted from the event which proved to be a great night in a lovely setting.  We unfortunately don't have a list of the three prize winners but we will try to get them if we can.  When all the cookery competitions have been completed their names will go into a publication to be produced by the EU Leader+ project.
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