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Corn Threshing Demonstration July 2008

A couple of days before the demonstration of traditional corn threshing on Thursday 24th of July posters were put up around the Old Town and in Patitiri.  A picture of the poster can be seen on the right showing that the festivities would start at 7pm and take place at the Alonia which are half way between the Old Village and the turn to Megalos Mourtias by the steps up to the church of Agios Yiannis.  To see pictures of the event click on the highlighted text.

A table had been set up at the back of one of the alonia where the Dimos (Council) were dispensing free cups of Tsipouro, with or without water and loukoumathes (honey-covered dough balls).  Two musicians were entertaining the crowd with songs played on fiddle and guitar.

Straw had been put on the floor of the other alonia and the corn was separated from the chaff by a pony pulling a sled while men with forks were tossing the straw in the air.  While the treshing was continuing there was the opportunity of grind corn with a traditional hand grinding wheel and the corn was then added to a large steaming pot of milk and salt over a log fire which was being stirred by a group of ladies to make trahana (porridge).

Some of the children were given rides on the sled being pulled around by the pony under the watchful eye of the owner of the ponies.  Eventually the trahana was ready and plastic containers full of the hot porridge were handed around for people to try.  After trying some last year and deciding it was not to our taste, we declined their kind offer.

After the threshing demonstration had finished a group of a nine young girls dressed in traditional costume performed a set of traditional dances which was very much appreciated by the large crowd.  A wonderful time was had by all.


Tsiipouro and Honey-covered Balls of Dough (Loukoumathes) Set on a Table

Two Musicians Entertaining the Crowd

Pony Pulling a Sled

Hand Grinding Wheels

Bringing Milk to the Boil to Make Trahanas

Children Given Pony Rides on the Sled

Traditional Dancing at the Corn Circles
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