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Corn Threshing Demonstration July 2010

The signs for the annual demonstration of corn threshing went up about two days before the event took place but for all that there was a very good turn out of people.  Unlike last year it was a lovely warm evening and the festival took place at 8pm instead of the usual 7pm.  The demonstration took place at the Alonia as per usual which are located on the main road to the right as you pass the new entrance sign to the Old Village.

We walked down the main road from the Old Village at around 8.30pm and the festivities were already in full swing at the Alonia.  You can see the mules in the threshing circle with the children on the wooden sled and the man with a pitch fork to separate the wheat from the chaff.  You can see the young child standing on the wooden sled dragged by a mule.

Entertainment was again traditional music played by two musicians on fiddle and bouzouki with local people joining in by performing traditional dances to the music.

There was a large metal pot over a wood fire supported on bricks in which some of the local ladies were stirring the traditional trahana (porridge).  We had some ouzo from the table but decided that having eaten already we would forego the loukoumades (honey coated dough balls).  When the trahanas was ready the ladies removed the pot from the fire to cool a little and for a photo shoot.

Sadly, this year Maria the dance teacher was not at the festival with one of her dance groups from the school but many of the islanders stepped onto the Alonia and gave us a wonderful demonstration of how Greek people of every age know and can perform the traditional dances.  When the trahanas was ready to be served a scrum of people headed for the pot, although we have to say that we stayed firmly in our seats.  As we left to go up to Mary's Bar (Arhondostasi) the sun was setting and there was a beautiful sunset over the Old Village.


Festivities at Full Swing at the Alonia

Children Riding on the Sled

Two Musicians Entertaining the Crowd

Bringing Milk to the Boil to Make Trahanas

Traditional Trahana (Porridge)

Islanders Performing Traditional Greek Dances

Scrum of People Waiting for the Trahanas

Sunset over the Old Village
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