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Corn Threshing Demonstration July 2011

The signs for the annual demonstration of corn threshing went up shortly before the event but in odd places so that many people found it hard to spot them.  They also looked identical to the posters for the Barefoot Blues and Akis music evening 2 days previous which confused us.  It was a lovely warm evening and the festival started around 8pm instead of the advertised time of 7.30pm.  The evening again took place at the Alonia which are located on the main road to the right as you pass the new entrance sign to the Old Village.

We walked to the Alonia at around 8pm but nothing had really got going except the fire under the metal container to make the traditional Trahanas (porridge) which is served during the evening.  How the ladies stand over this fire and stir the mixture in the heat of the evening always amazes us.  After the mule had been linked up to the threshing paddle the threshing demonstration started while the table with food and drink was loaded with goodies.  Ladies walked around handing out Loukoumathes (dough balls) as the traditional music started.

A queue formed when the tsipouro and water was available from the table along with more pots of Loukoumathes.  When the trahanas was ready the ladies removed the pot from the fire to cool a little before serving it up.  Although not to our taste there was a steady demand from people to taste it.  Again this year there were no members of the school dance groups performing and someone did point out that the floor of the Alonia are so uneven that it may be dangerous for the dancers when performing some of the more intricate dance moves.   We left to go up to Peri Orexios in the Old Village to continue the evening as the sun was setting behind the Old Village.


Sign for the Demonstration of Corn Threshing

Bringing Milk to the Boil to Make Trahanas

Mule Attached to the Sled

Two Musicians Entertaining the Crowd

Queue for Tsipouro and Loukoumades

Sun Setting Behind the Old Village
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