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A Day Trip On Pleione With Mike Holmes - May 2009

Our friends Gordon and Linda invited us on a day trip around the Marine Park, with their daughter Victoria whose birthday it was, aboard the motor cruiser Pleione which is owned and chartered by Mike Holmes.  We arrived at Votsi harbour about 9.45am, shortly before Mike docked Pleione at the end of the jetty.  Before we set off Mike gave us a safety talk and provided information about the layout of the boat, before asking where we wanted to go.  We decided on a trip around the Two Brothers and Peristera with lunch at Kalamakia on the north east coast of Alonissos.

We set off from Votsi harbour and shortly after leaving saw one of the caves that are dotted around the island and are accessible with a dingy or small RIB.  We headed off towards the Two Brothers which are two uninhabited islands that we can see from the left hand side of the veranda.  Sadly there wasn't enough wind to be under sail so Mike steered the boat from the tiller at the back under engine power.  Sitting in the cockpit at the back of the boat with Mike made for a really intimate experience and he told us tales of sailing the boat from England to Greece across the Bay of Biscay which was definitely not the the faint hearted!!

Arriving at the Two Brothers we dropped anchor in a small cove and Gordon jumped off the back of the boat for a swim while Mike served the rest of us drinks and nibbles.  We stayed in the cove for a while drinking and chatting before weighing anchor and sailing around to the other side of the island where we stopped in a cove to watch the rare Eleanora's falcons flying around in the rocks above our heads.  We then started off towards the island of Peristera which lays parallel to the east coast of Alonissos.

We sailed into Peristera Bay to find that two yachts were already in the bay and the crews waved to us as we dropped anchor.  Mike served us more drinks and nibbles as we sat in the sun and looked at the houses around the bay and the beach at the far end of the bay.  By this time we were all starting to feel a bit peckish so Mike suggesed we weighed anchor and sailed along the coast of Peristera and off to Kalamakia on Alonissos for lunch.  Interesting enough we didn't need much persuading, so off we sailed back towards Alonissos.  Mike pointed out various interesting features along the way and we saw the channel between the Two Brothers really clearly as well as derelict huts on the coast of Peristera which were associated with an archaeological exploration of the ruins of an ancient boat in the water below the huts.  On the way across to Kalamakia you can see some of the other islands of the Marine Park.

Mike very carefully brought Pleione into Kalamakia harbour opposite Taverna Margarita so we got straight off and went in for some food and drink.  We had a lovely meal and when all repleat we boarded back onto Pleione for a gentle cruise down the coast of Alonissos to Votsi harbour.  Along the way Mike took us into Tzortzi Yialos beach to show Gordon and Linda the beach which shelves gently out to the sea for many tens of metres.  We arrived back into Votsi at about 7.15pm after a really brilliant day out.



Two Brothers

Small Cove

Peristera Bay


Channel Between the Two Brothers

Derelict Huts

Kalamakia Harbour
For information about a charter cruise with Mike Holmes on board Pleione please follow the link to the Villa Seven Sisters web site
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