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A Day Trip On Pleione With Mike Holmes - June 2009

We went out with our friends Jeff, Jan and Kath aboard the motor cruiser Pleione which is owned and chartered by Mike Holmes.  We arrived at Votsi harbour about 9.30am to find our other three passengers heading off in Mike's inflatable "Tinker" because there were no mooring spots at Votsi harbour.  Mike came back for us in Tinker to take us to Pleione.  We watched a fishing boat coming into Votsi harbour surrounded by gulls waiting for any fish thrown back into the sea.

As the weather was a bit choppy Mike suggested sailing up the coast of Alonissos, then over to Peristera for snorkelling.  As we went out of the harbour Mike decided there was enough wind to put the sails up and turn off the engine.  Gerry is not the world's greatest sailor and as we sailed further up the coast of Alonissos, so the waves got choppier and the wind continued to blow.  At this point Gerry decided enough was enough and Mike sailed us into Steni Vala harbour to let Gerry off the boat.  Not to miss the opportunity of sitting on the harbour at Steni Vala over a drink we all got off with Gerry and went to the nearest bar.  After a drink together Gerry went off to the Old Town in George's taxi and we went off to Peristera after having lunch in Taverna Fanari with Dave and Nettie.

Mike sailed us across the straight to Vassiliko bay on Peristera to have a look at the wreck of the freighter Alonissos on the rocks.  This freighter Mike told us was the fore-runner of the current freighter Ioanna-Chrisoula which brings supplies to the island from the other Sporades islands and the mainland.  The freighter was wrecked some 10 years ago in a violent storm that drove the freighter onto the rocks, despite having two metal chains secured to the rocks and two anchors on the sea bed.

While Jan and Jeff went off snorkeling around the wreck we noticed falcons hovering above the shrub on the island, then swooping down to get their prey.  We also saw a couple of goats that wandered along the rocks and then disappeared into the shrub.  Probably not that much interest to the falcons one would have thought.  Mike also pointed out the wooden blocks and winch lying on the shore.  This was used to bring boats out of the water during the winter to protect them from the weather and we remember reading about this in the book "Gates of the Wind" by Michael Carroll (ISBN 960 226 089 0) where he describes the safe harbourages on Peristera.

We then sailed into a small inlet in Vassiliko Bay where some yachts were already in the bay.  There are one or two houses around the bay and we were lucky that Yianni was in residence and waved to us as we sailed around the bay.  With the unpredictability of the weather and the need to get back to Votsi for 5pm for the evening mini quiz at the Hotel Paradise we didn't stay in the bay but headed back to Votsi harbour.  The water was rather choppy and it took over an hour to do the crossing back to the safe harbour of Votsi where Mike boarded us back onto "Tinker" for the journey to the port.  The "jolly jack tars" on the cruise found it really exhilarating and it was nice to be under sail for some of the time rather than just having to rely on engine power.


Fishing Boat

Steni Vala




Wooden Blocks and Winch

Vassiliko Bay


Choppy Water

For information about a charter cruise with Mike Holmes on board Pleione please follow the link to the Villa Seven Sisters web site.
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