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Greek Orthodox Easter

If you intend to visit Alonissos in April you will need to know when Easter falls.  Greek Orthodox Easter and Catholic/Protestant Easter do not often fall at the same time due to the different methods used in calculating the date of Easter Sunday.  The Greek Orthodox Church uses a revised Julian calendar and the astronomical full moon as seen along the meridian of Jerusalem as the basis for their calculation, whereas the other churches use the Gregorian calendar and the official full moon.  The dates of Greek Orthodox and Catholic/Protestant Easter Sunday for the next 10 years are available on our Easter Dates page and where the dates coincide are highlighted in the table.

Easter in Greece lasts 100 days with the 50 days before Easter known as the period of Triodion and the 50 days following Easter known as the Pentecostarion.  During Holy Week prior to Easter Sunday the traditional foods are prepared and evening services follow the Passion of Christ.  After vespers on Easter Friday the Epitaphios (Bier) is carried through the streets.  The Resurrection mass (Anastasis) takes place on Saturday evening and at midnight the ceremony of lighting of candles takes place which is the most significant moment of the year.  The 40 day Lenten fast ends on Easter Sunday with the cracking of red-dyed eggs and an outdoor feast of roast lamb or goat.

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