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Eating and Drinking on Alonissos

Alonissos may be not the cheapest Greek island to eat and drink out on a regular basis but the beauty and serenity of the place comes at a price.  We have put together an indication of what you are likely to pay for food and drink when eating and drinking here but check the taverna or bar menu before you go in, as this can only be a general guideline because prices vary between different establishments.

When you are ordering fish or lobster make sure you ask the price per kilo and get it weighed before you buy so there are no nasty surprises when the bill arrives.  Fish prices vary with the type of fish as some are more highly prized and priced than others.
There are some gyros and souvlaki outlets where you can eat much cheaper but with a limited menu of mainly meats and salads.

Cost of food in tavernas and restaurants is roughly as follows:

Starters between 4 and 7 euro.
Main courses between 8 and 15 euro.
Main fish courses between 10 and 50 euro per kilo.
Lobster grilled or lobster spaghetti between 70 and 85 euro per kilo.
Sweets between 3 and 5 euro.

Cost of drinks in tavernas and bars is roughly as follows:

Wine generally around 3 - 4 euro per glass.
Wine between 8 and 12 euro per litre in a jug.  Half the price for half a kilo.
Beers between 3 and 4 euro but they vary in size from either 330ml or 500ml bottles.
Wine in 500ml bottles between 3 and 4 euro.
Wines in 700ml or 750ml bottles start around 8 euro and increase according to quality.
Ouzo or tsipouro in 50ml bottles or by the glass between 3 and 4 euro.
Whisky and other spirits around 5 - 8 euro per glass but shots are cheaper.

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