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Epiphany on Alonissos - 6th January 2008

The Epiphany service took place in Patitiri on 6th January which this year was a Sunday.  We never got around to going to the church service at the church of Agia Paraskevi but got down to the harbour around 10.00am but had no real idea of when the blessing of the water might occur.  We were sat in the Avra bar on the harbour having a warming coffee when the kantor starting around 10.15am.  The priest and the kantor continued the service as the waters edge filled up with more people. As with last year the coastguard dinghy was in the vicinity to pick up the brave souls who took up the challenge.

At the end of the ceremony the priest took out the metal cross and six youths got ready to dive into the water and have the honour of retrieving the cross.  Unlike last year the priest threw the cross into the water but didn't pull it back on a ribbon and so after a short hesitation all the boys plunged headlong into the water.  One of the boys came up holding the cross and the coast guard dinghy came close to them to haul them on board.

Most of the English contingent on the island managed to miss the ceremony because the priest told them to be at the port at 11am and then promptly started the service at 19.15am before most of them had arrived.  Still, we all got together in the Avra for a drink while the Greeks were queueing for their blessed water to take home.


Service on the Harbour Front

Boys Ready to Jump in to theWater After the Cross

One of the Boys Holding the Cross

Coastguard Dinghy Getting the Boys on Board
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