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Epiphany on Alonissos - 6th January 2015

The Epiphany service took place in Patitiri on 6th January which this year was on a Tuesday.  We went down to the harbour around 10.30am and the 'Blessing of the Water' service started around 10.45am.  The Flying Cat and the Aegean Flying Dolphin Erato were in the port but the dolphin was the only vessel to have its flags flying.  It was a clear and dry day but there was a bitterly cold wind blowing which obviously reduced the number of islanders at the service.

Two brave youths were at the edge of the port during the service and the cross was thrown into the water twice and retrieved before the youths jumped into the water on the third time.  After one had got the cross they swam together across the harbour and were helped up the concrete steps along the harbour front.  The ceremony ended around 11.05am followed by Father Avraam blessing the gathered congregation and distributing holy water from the large silver urn on the table.


Flags On The Flying Dolphin

Preparations For The Service

Crowd On The Harbour Front

Service On The Harbour Front

The Cross Thrown In For The Second Time

Cross Being Thrown In For The Third And Final Time

Boys Jumping Into The Water To Get The Cross

One Of The Boys With The Cross

Posing For Photographs In The Water

Father Avraam Distributing Holy Water From The Large Silver Urn
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