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Fish Festival July 2008

The fish festival was again held at Kalamakia and exactly the same signs went up as per last year, except the date had been altered from Wednesday 11th July to Saturday 12th July.  As with last year the Dimos provided a free coach to Kalamakia from the harbour at Patitiri which ran from 6pm when the festival started up until midnight.  We know this because we were on the last coach, dirty stop outs that we are.

A number of trestle tables were again set up to the left by the waters edge where they had the 45 gallon drum barbecue's in action.  A stage was again set up on the harbour between the first two tavernas where the traditional dancing was to take place.  We sat at Taverna Maïna this time and had some food and drink while the setting up was being organised.  Loukoumathes (dough balls with honey) were again being served by Taverna Corali towards the end of the harbour so we had some plates of these while we were waiting for the fish to cook.  We had a number of plates of sardines with copious cups of wine and watched one of the school dance groups performing traditional dances.

As the night set in and the harbour lights went on the Taverna Koutouki bouzouki band started playing.  We left to catch the midnight bus back to Patitiri not sure how we were to get back to the Old Town as the bus had stopped running at 10.30pm.  However, while we were waiting for a taxi a car pulled up and two young guys who recognised us from walking Zoe around the Old Town offered us a lift.  Another very enjoyable night and although its the same again we will continue to support these events because if we don't then they may stop.

Trestle Tables by the Waters Edge

Traditional Dancing on the Harbour Front
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