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Fish Festival July 2009

The fish festival was held for the third year running at Kalamakia on Friday July 17th but this time some simple black and white posters were put up on the trees in the Old Village by the bus stop area.  The Dimos again provided a free coach to Kalamakia from the harbour at Patitiri which ran from 8pm when the fish festival started up until 1.30am.  The half hourly service was a bit of a misnomer as there was only one coach and it took one hour to do the round trip.

A number of trestle tables were set up in the same place by the waters edge where they had the 45 gallon drum barbecue's in action.  A stage was set up in the same place on the harbour between the first two tavernas for the traditional dancing to take place.  We sat at Taverna Kalamakia this time and had some food and drink while they were setting up.  Sadly no loukoumathes (dough balls with honey) were in evidence this year.  We had some sardines which were big and tasty but we stuck to retsina as the wine was a bit oxidised for our taste.

A different group from the Koutouki band started playing around 10pm and shortly afterwards the same senior dance troupe that performed at the corn threshing started to perform traditional dances.  After they had finished their set to rapturous applause they started dancing with the band playing and loads of the audience started to break into the circle and join the dancing.  We left to catch the 11.30pm bus back to Patitiri expecting to get the 12.30am to the Old Town.  However, while we were sat at the Corali bar having a drink the bus drove up, turned in a large circle and headed off withouth waiting.  In the end we had to get taxis back to the Old Town.

Trestle Tables by the Waters Edge

Group Playing at the Fish Festival

Traditional Dancing on the Harbour Front
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