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Fish Festival August 2013

The fish festival was held on Saturday August 17th at Kalamakia, which was two days after the Panagia celebrations.  The signs only went up in Patitiri on the Friday before the festival, so many people were unaware that the evening was taking place.  We made a few enquiries and found that one of the Alonissos Trans buses was providing a free bus service between Patitiri and Kalamakia starting at 8pm.  So we bought our tickets for the Municipal bus and went down to Patitiri from the Old Village at 7.20pm and got the Alonissos Trans bus at 8pm to Kalamakia.

We got a table at Taverna Ma´na and ordered some starters and a Greek salad and waited for the bbq'd sardines to be ready.  There were four of us at the table and we had four plates of the most succulently cooked sardines that literally fell off the bones.  Although free wine was available we ordered our drinks from the taverna as a courtesy because we had the table for the night.  Around 10.15pm a group of adult Greek dancers entertained the crowd with 5 dances including a version of Hasapiko with music played by the group.  We were told by our dance teacher Yorgos that they only had 24 hours to prepare and the way they danced showed what excellent dancers they all are.

After they finished their exhibition dances the music changed to festival dances and everyone hit the dance floor to join in.  We left on the midnight bus to Patitiri so we could get the 12.20am Municipal bus back to the Old Village.  This was the first Fish Festival since 2009 and we thought it was probably the best we have attended.  We have no idea how long the music and dancing went on but it was a magical night for us.


Poster Advertising the Fish Festival 2013

Setting up the Tables to Serve the Food and Drink for the Evening

The Stage and Harbour Area Along the Front at Kalamakia
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