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George Bush Senior Visits Alonissos

We were sat on the veranda around 11.30am on Friday 8th June when Gerry said there was a ship coming into view which was very different to the normal ferry type ships that sail into view going in and out of Patitiri harbour.  We grabbed for the binoculars and low and behold a fantastic large yacht was in sight with a helicopter on the top.  A few minutes later a Greek navy warship followed on behind the ship, so we knew it must be someone important.  We took the picture that you see below of the ship, although the quality is not great due to the distance and the less than great quality of the lens on our Canon Powershot A70 at 9.6x magnification.

Apparently the ship moored of the harbour and George Bush Snr along with family, aides and security came ashore and were whisked away in a locally provided minibus to Leftos Yialos beach where they had lunch.  Later in the day the ships helicopter flew over the house on a sight seeing tour of the island.

In Friday 8th June edition of the Athens News it was reported that George Bush Senior "arrived in Greece on June 4th for a sailing holiday around the Greek islands as a guest of banking and shipping tycoon Spyros Latsis".  The article goes on to say that Bush has used Latsis' vessel before and that the vessel has been offered to other prominent visitors to Greece.

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