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Concert by Gerasimos Andreatos Monday 2nd August 2010

Alonissos is very lucky in that one of Greece's top singers Gerasimos Andreatos has been coming here on holiday for the passed few years.  We first met Gerasimos and his family at Megalos Mourtias beach and found him to be a very quiet, kind and unassuming man given his reputation in Greece as a performing and recording star.  We were amazed when we saw posters around Patitiri and the Old Village advertising a concert performance by Gerasimos.  We thought that the last thing he wanted was a "busmen's holiday".

The concert was scheduled for Monday 2nd to start around 9.30pm and during the day the Dimos workers erected a wooden stage and the engineers organised the sound system.  A very large crowd assembled during the evening but we all soon discovered that the concert was due to start one hour later than advertised at 10.30pm.  At around 10.40pm Panayioti who is a founding member of the Old Village Society took to the stage and introduced Gerasimos to thunderous applause.

Gerasimos was supported on stage (musically not physically) by 3 musicians who played bouzouki, keyboards and accordion.  During the performance Gerasimos mainly sang but also occasionally played a baglama which is the smallest variant of bouzouki.  We left after 2 hours at around 12.30am but we heard reports that the music lasted into the early hours of the morning.  This was a really unforgettable experience being able to see one of Athens and Greece's top performing stars singing in the Old Village to locals, residents and visitors who would not normally get to see him perform live.

Concert Poster

Engineers Organised the Sound System

Panatioti Introducing Gerasimos

Gerasimos Singing on Stage

Gerasimos Playing the Baglama
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