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Gerry's Grave

Gerry lost her 9 year fight against breast cancer during the early hours of the morning on Friday 8th September 2017 when she died peacefully in her sleep, two days after our 36th wedding anniversary and the day after her 67th birthday, with Dave in the bed beside her and her childhood bear Ted on her pillow.

The cancer may have killed Gerry but it was a Pyrrhic victory because the cancer died with Gerry, so it may have won the battle but it never won the war against her.  Gerry said she wasn't afraid of dying she just didn't want to leave Dave and she used every single ounce of her remaining energy to see her specials days out.

Gerry was much loved by the island's community and this showed in the fact that between 120 - 140 people, including a large number of Greek friends, attended the funeral service performed at midday by Father Lukas on Saturday 9th September 2017 in the church next to the cemetary.  Gerry was laid to rest with a copy of her favourite book 'Anne of Green Gables' which was one of her dying wishes.

Dave's sincere thanks go to our very dear friend Yorgos from Taverna Panselinos who helped in organising the work on the grave, our friend Andy who did the construction work and also Yorgos and Eleni who work in the cemetery.  Gerry will be desperately missed by Dave, her surviving family, friends and everyone that knew her.


Gerry With Gerroula On Her Grave The Weekend After We Celebrated Gerry's 40 Days

Gerry's Grave And Headstone Facing Mount Athos Without Gerroula

The Lettering On The Front Of Gerry's Headstone

The Back Of Gerry's Headstone With Her Lovely View Across To Mount Athos
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