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Greek Dance Information

Our Greek dancing started in a rather unusual way.  We had been trying to organise dance classes for a couple of years as we wanted to go to the Panagia festival in the Old Village on August 15th and join in the dances properly, rather than just doing the 'tourist shuffle' but sadly, nothing came of our efforts.  In 2012, Philippa Smith was scripting the GITs pantomime she had the idea of including some short sections of Greek dance into the production.  Yorgos Bellos from Taverna Panselinos in the Old Village was asked to help and he taught the cast short sections of two dances that were performed during the pantomime.

Unknown to us, Yorgos was told that there were some non-Greek people on the island who wanted to learn Greek dancing.  One evening in February we were having a quiet drink in Taverna Panselinos when Yorgos came over to us, placed a piece of paper and a biro on the table and asked us to write down the names of all the people who might be interested in having Greek dance lessons.  On the last Saturday of the month we were invited to the school gym in Patitiri for a 1 hour Greek dance 'taster' and Yorgos said that if there were enough people interested, he would organise regular lessons.

From mid-March we had Greek dance lessons twice per week in the building that was the old Tavera Koutouki in Patitiri, up until the middle of July, when we stopped for a summer break.  The Taverna Koutouki building was not an ideal location for Greek dancing, so we persuaded Yorgos to hold the dance lessons inside his taverna in the Old Village.  We re-started lessons prior to Xmas that year and with the occasional short break, we have been dancing there ever since.

If you would like to Greek dance with us and have and have an enjoyable time, then contact us for details of the dance lessons.  Our phone contact details are on the Greek Dance Flyer or e-mail us at one of the addresses on our Contact Information page.

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