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Hurricane Force Winds

These pictures were taken on Monday 28th January 2008 between 9.06 am and 9.22am from the veranda of Villa Aliki in the general direction of Evia.  The wind was blowing from a northerly direction from behind the house.  Reports stated that the winds were around 12 Beaufort which is hurricane level.  The winds were so strong that we lost roof tiles and as Dave was walking the dogs down the Megalos Mourtias road he was almost blown off his feet a number of times and was fortunate to take refuge in a car parking area by a house when a complete tarpaulin blew down the road like a parachute.

Electricity cables came down and trees were blown over.  Chimneys were blown off roofs and the sea in the channel between Skopelos and Alonissos was a total ferment.  The high winds lasted all day and the church bells rang a warning because a fire started in the valley behind the Sunset bar.  The fire was fanned by the flames and threatened to take out all the forest area down to the Tsoukalia road.

Wind 1
Wind 2
Wind 3
Wind 6
Wind 7
Wind 8
Wind 9
Wind 10
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