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Dave and Gerry welcome you to our web site which we are developing as a major source of information for our family and friends about the island of Alonissos.  Although Alonissos is not the most accessible of Greek islands you will be fully rewarded for all your efforts to get here.  We firmly believe that the island of Alonissos possesses a serenity, charm and beauty that you simply cannot find on any other island, although others may think differently.
We first visited Alonissos in April 2001 and immediately fell in love with the island and its people.  In September 2001 we visited Alonissos again with the idea of buying a plot of land and having a house built.  Instead of that we ended up buying Villa Robyna, a house on the lower part of the Old Town.  We have since renamed the house Villa Aliki in memory of Gerry's mum Alice, who died in Volos in October 2003 at the ripe old age of 88.

Dave took redundancy and early retirement from Middlesex University in January 2006 and Gerry gave up her job at Great Ormond Street hospital in the same year.  We moved out here in November 2006 and have not regretted a single moment since.

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