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Living Costs on Alonissos

Before we moved to Alonissos we were uncertain as to how much income we would need per annum to live a comfortable but not extravagent life here.  Although this may seem a bit anally retentive, we have kept a detailed account of our expenditure for the whole of 2007.  We can therefore more accurately budget for our own needs and provide visitors to our web site with information which may be useful should they be considering a similar move to a Greek island.

Shopping includes work to the car but all other capital type expenditure on the house is in Special Items.  All expenditure relates to the period for 1st January 2007 to 31st December 2007 and does not include any trips or holidays to any other part of Greece or abroad.

Shopping8,611 euros 
Socialising4,933 euros 
Utility Bills3,816 euros 
Petrol   380 euros 
Travel Costs   162 euros         Cost = 17,902 euros
Special Items5,723 eurosTotal Cost = 23,625 euros
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