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Partial Lunar Eclipse

These pictures were taken on Saturday 16th August 2008 between 8.00 pm and 9.45pm from the veranda of Villa Aliki in the general direction of Southern Evia.  We were sat out on the veranda enjoying a glass of retsina and admiring the full moon (panselinos), as you do, when we noticed that the bottom left of the moon was slightly clipped and at this point Dave rushed indoors for his trusty Canon Powershot A70 and took a whole load of pictures.
Lunar Eclipse
Each of the images of the moon are approximately 10 minutes apart starting with the first image at 8pm and the last of the sequence of ten at 9.30pm.  The resolution is not great given the age of the camera and the distance between Alonissos and the moon but we hope you get the general impression of what we observed.
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