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Millenium in Athens

Everyone had their own idea of what they wanted to do and where they wanted to be at the start of the new millenium.  We decided that the place we wanted to be was in our beloved Greece, so we decided to go to Athens across the new year.  We booked our flights with easyJet very early as well as a room in the Hotel Attalos.  Below left you can see a picture of the hotel with its Christmas Tree decoration up the front.  Our room is very easy to spot because we had the red star attached to our balcony railing as you can see below right.
Athens was still decked out in its Christmas finery when we arrived.  Shown top left is the huge Xmas tree formed from lights at the top of Ermou Street near Syntagma Square.  Shown top right is a photo taken in the daytime int the Plaka showing the green door to the basement Taverna O Damigos where we ate on the eve of the millenium.  To the left in the photo is the brown front door of Brettos distillery shop where we enjoyed an ouzo aperitif before descending into the depths of O Damigos.  Bottom left is a photo taken by a kind stranger of us eating in O Damigos and bottom right is a wonderful picture of Gerry giving Dave an "over the glasses look" for having the audacity to take a photo of her.
Having finished eating and drinking we headed down Adrianou Street to Monastiraki then back to the Hotel Attalos.  We had a drink in the downstairs bar then collected a bottle of bubbly from our room and headed for the roof bar which is closed during the winter.  We pushed the door open and drew up two chairs to a table and with a view of the Acropolis we waited for the appointed hour.  After a short while another couple joined us and by the time the bells rang-in the new millenium there was a veritable throng of people.  All around fireworks filled the sky as shown bottom left and red flares lit up the Acropolis giving the impression that it was burning as shown in the photo bottom right.  We had a brilliant few days and wouldn't have missed it for the world.
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