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Music Festival June 2006

A couple of days before the weekend of the 10th and 11th of June signs were posted up in the Old Town and in Patitiri advertising a music festival at the weekend.  A picture of the sign can be seen on the right.  This image is sensitive, so for a close up view of the sign simply click on the English section at the bottom of the notice.

The evening of music on the Saturday night was held at Plateia Kopria which is the area around the viewing platform and the war memorial at the edge of the Upper Old Town.  The Dimos (Council) kindly provided free drinks and snacks in the form of large bottles of ouzo and several six-packs of mineral water with honey-covered balls of dough (loukoumathes) and cakes set on a table at the side of the plateia near the coffee bar.  They even very thoughtfully provided a box of disposable gloves for anyone not wanting to get their fingers covered in sugar or honey.  You can see the set-up in one of the pictures in the gallery below.

Close Up of Music Festival Notice
The group that played were three young Greek musicians playing keyboards, acoustic guitar, bouzouki and one singer.  They started playing at 9pm and finished at midnight.  People were sat around the edge of the viewing area, in the coffee shop and on the steps leading to the Upper Old Town.  They played a mixture of tradional and modern Greek songs and towards the end of the evening when only the keyboard player and guitarist were there they even treated everyone to their version of "Let it be" by the Beatles.  Some of the audience got up and danced and on a very pleasant evening a great time was had by all.  We didn't get down to the performance in Patitiri on Sunday evening.

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