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Music Night Thursday 3rd July 2014

Posters went up around Patitiri advertising the event only a few day before it happened and sadly all the posters were in Greek, so those visitors to the island that couldn't speak Greek may not have realised what was happening.  This was a shame because the group of musicians who played were absolutely brilliant and we hope that they will visit the island again.

The stage was built during the day and we went up early for the 9pm start and sat under the pine trees opposite Taverna Panselinos.  The musicians started playing around 10pm and apparently finished around 1am on Friday morning.

The group of 4 musicians played a different and interesting selection of music, although none of the music was anything we knew to dance to.  They played some Hasapiki music and Yorgos, Takis and Aubrey danced to it and this was the first time anyone had danced outside the taverna during the evening because everyone was so intent on listening to the group playing.  Afterwards Yorgos came over to us and encouraged us to dance to some of the music and then a lot of his Ela! Dance Group joined in the dancing with other people from the audience.

An excellent evening of entertainment and we hope there will be more of this during the summer months on Alonissos.


Music Night July 2014 Poster

Stage Before The Musicians Started Playing

Musicians Playing To A Packed Audience

Yorgos, Takis And Aubrey Dancing Hasapiko

Yorgos, Dave And Fran Dancing Syrtos Together
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