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National (Independence) Day - 25th March 2013

We left home to drive down to Patitiri about 11.15am expecting the service at the war memorial to start around 11.30am.  Much to our surprise, when we arrived the service had already finished and the children were lined up ready to march.  The crowds were standing along the road to Roussoum Yialos to watch the marching display, which is always led by the youngest children in traditional Greek dress carrying a large Greek flag.  As always the school children had a front group with the flag bearer going first, followed by the rest of the children and each group were applauded enthusiastically as they marched along the road.

After the marching finished there was an inaugural service in the front of the old Taverna Koutouki that has now been converted into a drop-in centre for the elderly residents of the island.  The service was performed by Father Avraam followed by a speech by Petros the mayor of Alonissos.  After the service finished we all went into the amphitheatre for a display of traditional dancing.  It was overcast with a strong cold wind blowing as we sat and waited for the introductions from Father Avraam and things to start.

All the dancers assembled and sang to the audience after which the children danced in school uniform, followed by the adults in traditional dress.  We watched all the dances performed by the children but got very cold sitting on the steps, so we stayed to watch as many of the adults dances as possible but eventually left before the end.

It was again good to the part of this celebration of Greek history and we look forward to next year when we will try to arrive a bit earlier.


Youngest Children Ready to March in Traditional Greek Dress

Middle School Children Ready to March

Senior School Children Marching

Wreaths Layed at the War Memorial

Service to Inaugurate the New Dimos Drop-in Centre for the Elderly

Father Avraam Speaking to the Audience Before the Greek Dancing

All the Dancers Entertaining the Audience with a Song

Youngest Children Ready to Dance

Adult Dance Group in Traditional Dress Watching the Children Dance
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