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National (Independence) Day - 25th March 2017

The run-up to the celebration was blessed with a spell of very warm and sunny weather and the weather on Saturday was perfect with a light breeze blowing and blue skies with thin and scattered high level cloud.  For the second year running Dave was invited to dance at the Independence Day celebration and so arrangements had to be made for photos to be taken and videos shot.

Like last year Gerry was dropped off in Patitiri around 10.15am in the safe hands of Demi, Netty and Jan near to the war memorial.  Dave went down to Patitiri in his island costume except for the white belt which needs experience to put on properly.  There was a cock-up with Dave's baggy trousers (Βράκα) as the elastic in the legs was damaged as was the material in the bottom of one leg.  Yorgos in full costume had to borrow a moped to go home and get a new pair!!  Dave went up to the war memorial around 10.45am for the end of the presentation of award certificates to all the high achievers in the school.  After this everyone involved in the marching parade headed off to the top of the high street to form up into their groups.

As always the crowd assembled along the road to Roussoum Yialos to watch the marching display which is always led by the youngest children in traditional Greek dress carrying a large Greek flag and waving small Greek flags.  As in previous years the school children had a front group with the flag bearer going first, followed by the rest of the children following behind.  The adult dance group were last in sequence this year behind the scouts and everyone marched to the drum beat from the scout group's drum band.  Each group were applauded enthusiastically as they marched along the road.

After the marching finished everyone made their way to the amphitheatre where Christina's 2 childrens dance groups treated the audience to a display of traditional dancing.  The children danced some very adult dances for their ages and Christina was kneeling beside them, as always, encouraging them during their dances.  There were 24 dancers in the adult group with 6 male dancers in island costume (Βράκα) and 18 ladies in a variety of different traditional Alonissos dresses.

Yorgos chose 6 traditional dances Φεσοδερβέναγας Ήπειρoς, Συμπεθέρα Ν.Φλώρινας, Ζαίκο Μακεδονίας, Τα Τσιμαντριανά Κορίτσια Λήμνου, Τo Mήλο Αρβανίτικο Θράκη and Συρτός Κυκλάδων with a Μπάλος dance to finish the performance and leave the arena.  The performance went extremely well and everyone was so enjoying the freedom of the Μπάλος dance, after the constraints of the 6 formal dances, no-one wanted to leave the dance floor of the amphitheatre and just carried on dancing.  It took Yorgos and Takis 2 attempts to get the dance group off the dance floor of the amphitheatre as everyone was enjoying themselves so much dancing in the sunshine.

Again this year was a wonderful celebration of Greek history and a fantastic coming together of the community of Alonissos and we look forward to next year.


Road Marked Out For The Marching Parade

Independence Day Banner

Father Luke Preparing To Start The Ceremony

Presentation Of Certificates To The School Award Winners

Dave In Traditional Island Costume (Βράκα)
Photo Courtesy of Panos Taliadoros

Dave Marching In The Parade
Phote Courtesy of Doug Vine

Dave And Nikos With Ladies In Different Alonissos Dresses
Phote Courtesy of Doug Vine

Adult Dance Group Ready To Start Their Dance Performance
Phote Courtesy of Doug Vine

Dave Dancing With The Adult Dance Group

Dave Dancing Μπάλος With His Partner Μάχη
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